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Role of the Governing Board at Downsway

Role of the Governing Board at Downsway

The governing board at Downsway is committed to supporting the school in providing the best possible education for its pupils.  You will see from our school website, that we are a diverse group of people, mainly volunteers, who bring a wide range of experience and knowledge to the school.  We act as a corporate body and consist of staff, parents, local authority (LA) and co-opted governors.

The role of the governing board is a strategic one; working closely with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team in leading the school, setting the vision and establishing the right culture in which to drive forward improvement. The remit of the governing board is as follows:

  • Ensuring the school delivers a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Ensuring accountability by holding the school to account for the quality of education provided, including  pupils’ academic outcomes
  • Acting as a “critical friend” by providing support and challenge to the Headteacher and senior leadership team
  • Monitoring and evaluating the school’s overall effectiveness
  • Setting the school’s budget and monitoring of all spending to ensure financial resources are well used and value for money is secured
  • Ensuring pupil premium funding is used to overcome barriers to learning
  • Strategic planning for the long term future of the school
  • Determining the school’s ethos and values
  • Appointing senior members of staff including the Headteacher

Our work  is largely conducted at full board level with the exception of one sub committee called the RAP group. The RAP group consists of a subset of governors and senior leaders who focus exclusively on monitoring and assess progress made against the key priorities in the school’s Raising Attainment Plan (RAP). The process of monitoring and reviewing of pupil performance data on a termly basis and holding the school to account is a further function of this group.

June 2016

Governing Board Membership

Following a change in legislation, the governing board was reconstituted during the Autumn Term 2014.

There are nine members of Downsway Primary School's governing board, of whom the Headteacher is a permanent member. Members of staff elect a single staff governor. Two governors are elected by the parents of the school and one governor is appointed by the Local Education Authority.  Four co-copted governors are appointed by the governing board, for their skills.  The normal term of office is two years.  From time to time, non-voting associate members may also be appointed for their particular skills.

Governing Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the governing board meetings are available to interested parties on request to the school. Please contact the office (office@downsway.w-berks.sch.uk) for further information.

Governor Attendance


Full Governing Board

Raising Attainment Group (RAP)

Lorraine Doyle (Chair)



Dorothy West (Vice Chair)



Sue Cantwell (Head)



Matt Grover (Deputy Head)



Karen Davis



Madeline Fyans



Adam Greenhalgh



Lois Scott




Standing Orders


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