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House Point Competition

On return from the Autumn half-term break, we have launched a new house-point competition to encourage co-operation throughout the school.  The house points earnt by the pupils during the week are counted up and the house with the most points is award 4 points for their totaliser, 3 points for the house with the second highest points and so on.

Which house will get the highest score this term?

Congratulations to Cotswold House!

A very "well done" to all the members of Cotswold House for their efforts since half term.  You will all be enjoying a film and popcorn on the first Friday of the new term(6th Jan).


Scores by week

Date Knowsley Cotswold Longleat Warbrek
w/e 4-Nov 3 2 4 1
w/e 11-Nov 1 4 2 3
w/e 18-Nov 1 4 2 3
w/e 25-Nov 3 4 2 1
w/e 2-Dec 4 3 1 2
w/e 9-Dec 4 3 1 2
w/e 16-Dec 3 4 3 1


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